An Attorney You Can Count On

Family law matters can be particularly difficult to navigate. That is why it is crucial to have someone in your corner who understands the complicated nature of the law in this area.  I have chosen  to dedicate my career as an attorney to helping individuals and families get the support and representation they need when they find themselves in need of help for their family.

I am attorney Christine L. Dümmer. With over 20 years of experience, my practice centers around giving personalized, compassionate, professional and knowledgeable legal representation and advocacy for those who need it most: families and children.

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Experienced And Compassionate Representation

As one of only a handful of specialists in child welfare law in eastern Tennessee, you can be confident in my knowledge, expertise and experience as I help you and your children through whatever legal situation you face. Whether you need representation in matters of child custody, visitation, support or adoption, I am ready to advocate for you from start to finish.

I am not part of a large firm but choose to be a sole practitioner because I believe that every client deserves a personal connection with the attorney who is handling the intimate details of their family law matter. I am here to answer all of your questions, address your concerns and represent and advocate for you in every situation. These cases are very personal for each of my clients, and I provide personalized solutions. Every action I take has you and your child's best interests in mind.

Don't Wait

Legal situations involving children and family matters can be emotionally trying and difficult to work through. I am here to make sure we get through it and your case has the best possible chance for a successful outcome. Schedule an initial consultation with me at my Knoxville, Tennessee, office today by calling 865-409-1575. You can also send an email.