Making Families Complete Through Adoption

I am attorney Christine L. Dümmer. From my offices in Knoxville, Tennessee, I have helped stepparents, grandparents and couples welcome both relatives and non-relatives to their family through adoption.

Services I Provide

An adoption can be as simple as a surrender of parental rights coupled with an adoption hearing or it can be as complicated as a contested termination of parental rights.

  • Agreed Adoptions. The simplest of adoptions are agreed adoptions where parental rights have already been surrendered or terminated, or are terminated as part of a co-signed petition.
  • Contested Terminations. Contested terminations can be more complicated and will involve a trial where the attorney must prove certain facts and present adequate proof to justify the termination of a biological parent's rights. The attorney must also prove that the termination is in the best interest of the child. It is particularly important that the attorney you choose is well versed in this area of the law.
  • Adoption Day! Once the biological parent's rights are either terminated or surrendered, the actual adoption hearing can take place and the adoption can be finalized! I will do whatever is necessary to make this step as quick and efficient as possible.

I am available to help you with any of your adoption needs whether it be nonrelative, relative or adult adoption. While adoptions take time, I will always be sure to keep the process moving forward and provide updates as soon as I have them. I understand how important family is and how special it is to expand a family through adoption, and I always advocate for you and your family in these situations.

Ready To Begin?

Your family does not need to be defined by last names and birth certificates. However, making all family members legally recognized and official is a special event. As an adopted child myself, I understand firsthand that adoptions are a wonderful blessing and I am thankful to be allowed to participate in these memorable moments. Let me be the lawyer that helps you through your adoption journey, and the process will be smooth and professional. Contact my office today to get started by calling 865-409-1575 or sending an email.